“Better Man, Better Dad” – 18th Annual Fathers Conference – June 9th, 2018

Better Man, Better Dad

As dads, we strive for success.  We recognize that being a good dad is a constant effort to be what our children and families need to grow strong, healthy, and happy.  This effort in fact is our primary mission here at Partnership for Dads, and every conference, partnership, and program we have is designed to help fathers everywhere fulfill this mission.

As any counselor or parenting expert will tell you though, being better as a dad isn’t just parenting skills and providing, it’s also about taking care of yourself.  It’s about working to be healthy, mentally and physically, because your health will dictate your true availability for your family.  It’s about making an effort to be a better man every day, recognizing that your behavior sets the example that your children most learn from as they grow into contributors of society.

In recognizing this, our theme for the Partnership for Dads 18th Annual Fathers Conference is “Better Man, Better Dad”.  At our conference, we will explore what being a better man means and through our workshops and presentations, provide tools for dads and families to use in pursuing this.Eric Hipple  We are also very excited to introduce Eric Hipple, former NFL Quarterback for the Detroit Lions and author of “Real Men Do Cry”, as Keynote Speaker for the 18th Annual Fathers Conference.  In his heartfelt and engaging keynote address, Eric Hipple will inspire you with his journey to success before, during and after life in the NFL.  Building on the energy, motivation, connectedness, and sense of purpose that exists in a “healthy mind”, his presentation will provide constructive strategies, resources, and materials for school staff, students, and parents to use to encourage positive behaviors.  In attending, you will learn methods to identify depression, as well as strategies to promote healthy behaviors.

To coincide with other activities planned for the month of June in celebration of Fathers Day, this years Fathers Conference will be held on Saturday, June 9th, 2018 at the Oakland Schools Education Service and Conference Center.  An incredible lineup of workshops are planned with amazing speakers, as always.  You can register for the conference at any time by visiting https://www.partnershipfordads.org/fathers-conference/.

Cherishing Fatherhood – Richmond Times-Dispatch Interview

Those who know me typically learn very quickly that I really appreciate fatherhood.  So much so that the idea of helping Partnership for Dads grow and meet is mission is pretty much a dream role for me.  For Father’s Day, definitely one of my favorite times of the year, I did Stacy Hawkins Adams with the Richmond Times-Dispatch to discuss how important being a father is for me.

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UNICEF Recognizes Super Dads

For years now, UNICEF USA‘s efforts to support the world’s children have included the recognition and support of fathers around the world.  They’ve long since recognized that the father’s critical role in children’s early development, and kudos to them. A father’s active involvement with their children is one of their most important factors in a child’s opportunity for success in life.

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Speaking Engagement – Sunday Assembly Detroit

Partnership for Dads was founded with a mission to help fathers become more involved parents and build strong families so that their children can have the best possible life.  The importance of this effort and how we’re working to achieve our goals will be the focus of our lecture this weekend, where we discuss “Our Mission for Dads”.

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Speaker Profile: Dorethia Kelly Educates on Finances with #MoneyChat

“Fathers feel a lot of pressure as the providers for their families. It’s key that they are equipped with the tools to financially empower themselves and their households” says Dorethia Kelly, presenter at our 16th Annual Fathers Conference in 2016.

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