About Us

Partnership for Dads is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting fathers, children, and families through a variety of workshops, lectures, activities, and events.  We work to help fathers become more involved parents and build stronger families so that their children can have the best life possible.  We accomplish this by working with existing organizations to provide programming and resources to dads and families in the community.  Partnership for Dads was founded in 2000, and our rapid growth reflects our success in making connections throughout the community.

Board of Directors

Kevin O'Shea

Kevin O’Shea, the founder of Partnership for Dads, is a popular magazine columnist, speaker, and author on parenting topics. Kevin has helped countless fathers (and mothers) become more involved in the lives of their children. Kevin recently joined the Board of Directors of Birmingham Bloomfield Families in Action (BBFA), Michigan’s most active parent education organization.


Chris Edwards is Treasurer and an original member Chris Edwardsof Partnership for Dads who has been a passionate advocate for involved fathering since before his first child was born in 1996.  He has researched and instituted rituals in family life for more than 15 years.  Chris has tirelessly pursued the evolving wisdom of the father-daughter relationship since his daughter was born in 1999.  He is also a meteorologist for WXYZ Channel 7 News.


Leon Walker

Leon Walker is Executive Director of Partnership for Dads since Spring 2016.  Beginning with his time as a camp counselor in his youth, through caring for nieces and nephews, and on to parenting with his own children, Leon is a passionate advocate for the responsibilities of fathers as parents and accepted the position as Executive Director with a plan to help the organization best fulfill it’s goal of supporting, encouraging, and promoting fathers, to help fathers build strong families.