Calvin Mann

Calvin MannCalvin T. Mann was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan on Detroit’s west side to Rev. Columbus Mann and Ollibell Rosetha Mann. During his young adulthood, Calvin served his alma mater, Ferndale High School, as a varsity level Basketball Coach where he focused on character building, inspiring and encouraging student athletes. Throughout his coaching career, Mann further served his community by volunteering his unique coaching expertise to the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

For more than 28 years, Mann utilizes basic character elements acquired over the duration of his coaching career such as, teamwork, discipline, and respect, enriching many lives with a renewed heritage and modern appeal. His approach to life is refreshing, energetic, and creative; a vision which guided him to create inspired apparel and fashion. Through prayer, meditation, and his insightful desire for positive direction, Mann also manifested a gift of inspirational sayings. Using t-shirts and other apparel as the vehicle to spread words of encouragement, his vision and positive messages of encouragement has delighted fashion followers around the globe.

Due to the lack of avenues available to fathers, men in numbers began joining the EMIY network and as a result Good Fathers Only, LLC, (GFO) was initiated. A division of EMIY, Inc., GFO caters to men from all walks of life. Upon a conversation sparked by GFO with a fellow father from New York, Martin Johnson Pratt, as well as the consistent inquiries and growing popularity of the group, the idea of a weekly talk forum called, Daddy Talk was born. Mann’s passion and unique perception exemplifies diversity, self-belief, and love for his fellow man. As the author of “Just Ask: 40 Day Journal to Your Blessings,” he uses journaling as a tool to encourage individuals and families to find their purpose and to seek relationship with God in the everyday things. He has a firm understanding of how people think and continues to actively educate those he meets by imparting an integral idiom to encouraging someone close to them. Mann often serves on panels, speaks to schools, sports teams, ministries and to other public venues, enlightening audiences on the potential solutions and perspectives of fatherhood, mentorship, family, community, sportsmanship, and other topics that empower people toward real change. Join the movement, “Encourage Me I’m Young” and “Good Fathers Only” today. Coming 2016 New Book “Parenting from Brokenness”
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