Conference Workshops

Wise Dads Panel

Celebrating Fatherhood!  These men are living it. They’ve helped guide their children through all stages of development and growth and all sorts of challenges.  They’ve helped their children raise children. And they’re still at it. Join us for this panel discussion driven by participant questions.  Learn from the experts.  Take home those golden nuggets that will stay with you throughout the rest of your life!

Bring Your Balls to the Game – Fathering the Boys

 Boys are born to become men and fathering them along the path has never been a cakewalk. Conflicts, pitfalls, frustrations and inexplicable feelings can overwhelm the moments of joy, pride and elation. The closer the boy moves to manhood, the rockier the terrain. With the collapse of an accepted cultural model of manhood and the “ascent of women,” the challenge of fathering boys has reached an apex.


Ask the Experts – Daughters on Fathering

There are so many challenges to raising a daughter in today’s society.  Between social media and social struggles, fathers feel unclear how to support their daughters. Hear from young women themselves. The panel will address issues girls face and advice on how to stay connected to your daughter.


Ask the Experts – Sons on Fathers

Fathering sons is not a competitive sport and bringing the boys into manhood is a perilous challenge. Hear from young men themselves:  how they were fathered as they walked, slipped, fell, and pushed their way into young manhood.


Managing Your Anger – What Works and What Doesn’t

Managing anger, especially for husbands and fathers, can often times be a daunting task when faced with unexpected situations, spousal disagreements, conflict, defiant children, etc.  However today, understanding what causes anger and how to effectively manage it is of vital importance to each of us in an increasingly less tolerant societal atmosphere. This workshop is presented as an anger management primer emphasizing what works and what doesn’t.


Your Child’s Digital Footprint – What Fathers Need to Know

Learn how your child’s online social media profiles and digital footprints can affect their future. This workshop will cover safety and privacy controls for most popular social media sites, talk about how to check on how digital profiles will appear to others including college admissions officers and potential employers, what kids should and shouldn’t post online and how to improve your child’s digital footprint to help them achieve their future goals.


Getting Teachers on Your Side

Every teacher knows that a key to student engagement is ‘getting parents on your side.’ Every parent should learn that the inverse is also true: Getting teachers on your side is key to your student’s success. This presentation will:
1) Take fathers inside the heads of teachers
2) Why dads need to be present, whether your child has special needs or not
3) Show how to be an involved dad without being a helicopter
4) Teach fathers when to step in and when to sit out
5) Show fathers how to best advocate for their children
6) How to negotiate the chain of command


Fathers Forum

Father’s Forum is a dads-only exploration of the current issues that matter most to today’s fathers.  Peter will facilitate a wide-ranging discussion that focuses on topics raised by workshop participants.


Manquest – Equipping Your Son for the Manhood Journey

Very few boys (and men) in our society have a clear and compelling definition of what it means to be a man.  In the absence of any real information, the culture is right there filling the void with a 24/7 onslaught of fabrications, distortions and downright lies.  Most men have an innate hunger to teach boys the true essence of manhood but don’t always know where to start.  Come and learn how to engage a son (or mentee) in the most pivotal discussion of his life – what it truly means to be a man.


Raising Independent, Confident Girls

Social media, helicopter parenting, mean girls, and media images depicting unrealistic models are the minefield our daughters must negotiate to come out of adolescence alive and well. This session will help guide you to empower your daughter to be independent, confident and avoid some of these landmines. We’ll also give you strategies to help attend to her wounds when she makes a misstep and gain confidence in talking to your daughter about some thorny subjects.


#MoneyChat: Your Financial Game Plan!

It’s time to take your finances to the next level! If you are looking for realistic ways to budget, save and avoid pay check to pay check living, this session is for you! Dorethia Kelly will walk participants through how to get on solid financial footing, provide for their families and have some left over for themselves. Topics covered: Why you should avoid Pay Day Loans, Creating an Emergency Fund, Easy Budgeting and more.


Strategies for Resolving Family Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of family life yet many people are uncomfortable with it. Family conflict is especially painful because it threatens our expectation of both our family members and of ourselves. Without resolution however, conflicts fester and have the potential to destroy important relationships. One of the keys to resolving conflict is effective communication, but if your partner or child refuses to hear you, how can you reconnect? In this seminar, author R. Shelly Loomus, JD, MSW, illuminates the underlying causes driving family conflict and offers techniques for effectively reducing it. Loomus’ approach helps people manage the ongoing conflicts they endure so they may regain meaningful family relationships.


Divorce Demystified, Everything You Need To Know Before You File For Divorce

Renouned attorney and author Attorney Henry S. Gornbein draws upon his great experience and knowledge of the divorce process, to help those contemplating divorce know what to expect and help avoid some of the drama and trauma that can be experienced in the process.


Revealing the Man in Your Heart: Introduction to Legacy

This reflective process helps to demonstrate to men the potential they have to become a mentor and how to share their experiences in ways that are valuable to mentoring. The workshop is based on our mandatory 2 hour training that fathers who join GFO (Good Fathers Only) will be required to attend prior to 2016 membership enrollment.


Minimizing the Effects of Divorce / Separation on Children

How divorce or separation affects kids is a complicated issue. Divorce or separation puts adults and kids under a great deal of stress. Dr. Berkovitz gives a wonderful view of the world children experience during the breakup of their family and explains how Divorce and Separation affects children at each developmental stage.
Judge Sosnick explains how the Start Making It Livable For Everyone, SMILE, program was created. In addition, he discusses the importance of Dads and Moms Shared Parenting Education programs that expand on SMILE. Co-Parents are instructed on how to create and maintain a “CONFLICT FREE ZONE” for their children.