Cultivating Honesty & Integrity in Our Children in a Changing World

“According to a 2011 Josephine Institute of Ethics Survey, 59% of American high school students say they cheated on a test in the past year; 21% say the stole from a relative; 80% say the lied to a parent; and, yet, 92% say they’re satisfied with their ethics and character. What’s wrong with this picture?

What, if anything, have you told your kids about the rash of lying, cheating, and stealing in our midst–from politicians to CEOs to sports athletes to movie and music stars?

How honest are your kids?

How honest are you?

This presentation will challenge parents to look at ourselves and our own upbringings to become more aware of how we developed our own ethics and morals and if, by chance, we are sending mixed signals to our kids through inconsistent talk, behavior and values. Does it seem to you that the world, and our kids, are losing respect for honesty and integrity in general.

We’ll discuss why honesty and integrity are crucial to healthy development, relationships, and success. We’ll also discuss how peers, culture and technology contribute to our kids’ values and ethics and what we can do to stay in the loop.

There will also be short stories and role plays on how to best address situations where our kids have fallen short on honesty and integrity without resorting to “”underkill”” or “”overkill”” but, rather, finding the gold in the teachable moments.”


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