She Thinks I’m Great – (Daughters 0 to 10 years)

The foundation of your life-long relationship with your daughter is built during the years before adolescence.  How those later, often “scary” years and the ones beyond turn out for both of you depends in large part on how your father-daughter world is sculpted during the first ten years.

All attendees will be encouraged to go to our website,, BEFORE the workshop to submit areas of greatest concern and/or interest to help us make best use of workshop time.  To an extent, this workshop will be attendee-driven.  However, all participants will hear and take home a list of practical, real-world-tested strategies, ready to be used and modified starting with the next moment you see your daughter.

If you want to get a jump on this workshop check out our ‘Dads & Daughters Quiz’ to see how you and your daughter score.

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