Fathering in the Age of Technology

Technology is almost a sentient being, having a will of its own that projects itself inexorably into our lives.  While these ubiquitous devices, that often feel like extensions of ourselves, have extraordinary benefits, use of them has an impact on the brain. Successful fathering in the technological age requires that we become aware of the full array of offerings of the cyber world so that we can help our children realize the benefits of technology, while avoiding its pitfalls.

A tendency toward excessive, or even addictive, indulgence in cyber-based amusements seems to be rooted in the early years. Therefore, it becomes crucial for fathers to take steps to foster a family dynamic that sets limits and expectations for technology, as well as encourages discussion around this topic, especially with regards to Internet safety.

This seminar will give participants a broad appreciation for the technological world our children inhabit, covering video games, computers, smart phones, and social networking.  Participants will understand brain development as it relates to technology, as well as be able to spot excessive use of technology.  Behavior modification strategies, tech in the teen years, and cyber safety will be given special attention.  You will learn about technology, and yourself.