R. Shelly Loomus, JD, MSW

Shelly LoomusR. Shelly Loomus, JD, MSW, is an author, speaker, educator, and counselor with an expertise in understanding and navigating high-conflict relationships. She recently wrote Winning Your High-Conflict Divorce: Strategies for Moms and Dads, a book offering step-by-step strategies for managing divorce related conflicts both in and out of the courtroom. As a seasoned attorney with skills in clinical social work and mediation, Loomus counsels parents on practical ways to contain their divorce and post-divorce conflicts while reducing the stress, expense and unpredictability of litigation. Loomus also serves as Director of Paralegal Studies and teaches law at Henry Ford College. She received her law degree from Washington University, her Masters degree from the University of Michigan, and is trained as a Family, Divorce, and Custody Mediator. Loomus speaks regularly in the metro Detroit area on strategies for navigating high-conflict circumstances and relationships.