“You can’t even imagine how important you are to your daughter,” says Chris Edwards

With the 11th Fathers Conference getting close now, any father with at least one daughter 10 years old or under should take a deep breath and feel the exhilaration of how much he means to his daughter(s), and will for the rest of her life.  It can be scary to think about how much influence you can have on her, both positive and not so positive.  But real fathers don’t run from something that can be scary…they see the joy in conquering fear and the unimaginable payoff in fathering our daughters with conscious, intentional and loving actions.

So, are you ready for a quick little quiz?  I urge you to take a couple of minutes to answer these questions honestly.  No one will contact you or even keep any record of your answers.  The Dads and Daughters Self-Assessment Quiz is to help get you thinking about your relationship with your daughter.  If you take it before coming to the Dads and Daughters workshop at the 11th MFC, you’ll get more out of our time together.  You may find that the “grading” is a little harsh.  Don’t worry about the numbers.  This is all about helping us generate thought and conversation that will benefit dads and daughters in both minor and staggering ways.  Check it out (quiz expired).

I hope to see you at the conference on January 29, 2011.

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